Are you running an online store and wondering whether Black Friday is your day? Or you will just wait for Cyber Monday sales to break even your profit?

As a webpreneur, you may be in a dilemma on the best way forward to ensure you do not miss out on the Black Friday deals. However, just like any other hustle, to win in anything a well-crafted strategy is irreplaceable. You must know the plan to use to convince your customer through developing a smart strategy. But how can you do this yet massive Black Friday sales are offline in the in-stores?

Here are the strategies to enhance your Black Friday online sale:

a)    Creating scarcity

One smart way to make customers jostle each other on your online store is creating scarcity. But how do you do this? Naturally, people run for scarce products. According to psychologists, when something is limited, everyone wants to grab it. In this essence, you can create scarce through displaying ads showing the same. For instance, if you are selling superbrands electronics on your online store, you can view an ad saying “only one big box TV left.”  With such an ad, everyone will be clicking on offer to avoid missing out by being the one to take the one left.

b)    Show limited offers

Offering limited offers is another way of making desired Black Friday sales. This involves setting time limits offers to ensure your customer purchase products within that time. For instance, you can show a limited offer such as: “enjoy free shipping on all orders you make between 7.00am and 1.00pm plus a 60% discount.” Who would not love such an offer?

This way you will be telling the customer to shop before the limited time is over. With this, your online store will start receiving high traffic even before 7.00am as no one would like to miss the opportunity.

c)    Use urgency words

If you check the online store websites of the leading e-commerce business, all of them have one thing in common. They use urgency words in advertising their products or ads on their sites. Certainly, you have once or frequently received emails with a heading like “get this product before it is gone.” Or “this will be gone in seconds.” These phrases convince you to make urgent decisions even when you were not interested in having the product.

Using the same approach and having in mind that Black Friday sales make customers go mad; you can make a breakthrough in your online store.

With this, you do not have a reason of failing to make you desired profits on Black Friday online sales.


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